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84% of consumers watch local video prior to making buying decisions.
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How Video Marketing Can Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

Video marketing is a necessity in today’s internet world if a small business intends on becoming a competitive entity. Whether you sell products or services, video content provides the exposure and user experience needed in a cost effective manner.

Here are some ways your business can benefit from utilizing online video marketing.

1. Improved Customer Engagement with Youtube Video Marketing

You may have heard the phrase “content is king” – but when it comes to today’s online environment, the phrase should go “video content is king.” This is because most internet users respond much better to moving images and a story told through video than any other type of content. Most users will only skim through written material on a website, but they would typically take time to watch and listen to a video. A digital video ad, therefore, offers the best tool to get your video marketing advertising message out there. It also allows for real-time feedback and interaction. Digital marketing is the future of online advertising.

Local Video Marketing2. Video Advertising Provides Better Return on Investment (ROI) than Normal Advertising

Digital advertising offers one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business and build trust. This is because: unlike TV ads, online videos are never taken down. Once you buy into one of the YouTube advertising packages, your ad will stay online and on Google results for a very long time, greatly reducing your overall per unit spending over time.

3. Higher conversions

Research has shown that shoppers are more likely to buy apparels after viewing an online video compared to watching an ad on TV. Online videos can stimulate viewers in ways that are impossible to do with text or TV ads, providing an effective way to convey your marketing message in a memorable fashion. With well optimized videos, you can attract the attention of prospective customers and inspire them to take action. Videos are also fun and sharable, which allows you to create a buzz on social media and increase interest in your company.

4. Access to data

Analytics allow you to gauge the success of your video marketing campaign. With the right analytics tools, you can tell how successful your videos are as well as how you can tweak the content or keywords to achieve maximum benefits.

5. Product demos and entertainment

Creating tutorial videos can be very beneficial in promoting your products. Many people don’t like reading long web pages. Demonstrating your products in a video will help demonstrate to potential customers what their experience might feel like if they did buy your products. You can show prospective clients how your products work or demonstrate the thinking behind your services. Also, you could use a video to answer your customer’s biggest questions.

Local Video Marketing6. Video Marketing Provides Increased search engine/brand visibility

Making your business visible seems like a tall task with the saturation of other organizations offering the same product or service. But well optimized videos are searchable, and can help you gain exposure and visibility in search engines as well as social media. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, videos usually get ranked high on Google. In fact, statistics indicate that video results appear in approximately 70% of the top 100 search listing in Google results. Videos are also shared easily and frequently on social media. Social media, in turn, can increase your organic search engine rankings and provide an entry point to your website. Any local business who wishes to increase their business should consider video marketing advertising as a top priority. Call Team Digital Marketing today at 704-272-4380 to stay ahead of the competition and dominate your local market place.

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