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Managing Online Reviews is Crucial for Your Local Small Business
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Local Reputation Management – Marketing for your Business

Reputation MarketingAs technology gets better, online search engines continue to become more accurate thereby forcing you to evolve and grow your online reputation marketing strategies. With Google changing online marketing rules, you can no longer rely on SEO companies to get your business listings to the top page of search engine results. Other search engine companies like Bing and Yahoo are also incorporating customer reviews into their search engine results. A local business with positive reviews will have an added advantage over those with negative or no reviews at all and reputation marketing is the key to a 5 star reputation.

Reputation Marketing – The Key to Growth and Profits

Online reputation marketing strategies are strategic and aggressive ways of actively promoting your positive reputation on an internet platform. Many online review sites exist for the exclusive intention of allowing customers to make negative or positive review on your product and services. It is crucial to look out for any reviews concerning your local business in Charlotte NC on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google Plus, City Search, Google Maps, Google Local Business Listings and Some other sites that review businesses include Angie’s List, Buzzillions, Insider Pages, Better Business Bureau, Trip Advisor, Site Jabber and Power Reviews. It is truly vital that you choose a digital marketing agency like to actively promote local reputation marketing so you can attract more customers from your local Charlotte NC market, you should: a) Be Transparent and Honest All human beings make mistakes. Your customers do not expect a perfect company; they expect you to treat them as family or as partners in your business. Therefore, never cover up on any mistakes made or make false promises. Answer any questions on time and make sure that you disclose detailed information on promotional events or products. b) Respond thoughtfully It is worthwhile to put some effort while writing a reply directed towards concerns made by your customers. This shows that you concerned about their experience and that you are willing to deal with their problems. Care increases trust from your customers and nurtures relations making your customers send word of mouth to their friends and family about your products and services. This will have an effect of increasing your customer base. c) Never lose your cool You should never be rude or attack your customers when you disagree. Ignore a customer if he or she persists on being uncooperative and rude. Do not take any harsh comment from your customer personally because they normally aim the comments at your product or service and not you. d) Post engaging content on social media platforms

Local Reputation Marketing StrategiesSocial Media Marketing and Reputation Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus are effective in promoting your business and growing a 5 star reputation. It is important that you post engaging content in order to stimulate and sustain your customer’s interest. If your customers find your advertisements generic in nature, they will lose interest and go to your competitor. Post relevant topics that will initiate a discussion or debate among your customers. This encourages them to seek your services and tell their friends which is exactly your goal. Keep in  mind always with your posts your goal is to have the best online reputation of anyone in your local market. By using social media marketing in the proper way, you can effectively grow your profits and customer loyalty very inexpensively. You must have the knowledge and skill of how to properly interact with your customers and more importantly potential future customers using your social media account. If you aren’t 100% certain in how to do this, you should hire a digital marketing agency like Team Digital Marketing that will. Make sure that your company policy clearly states that no employee posts personal updates on your business account. You should train and advice employees who have access to your account on ways of posting content on that account. are certified experts in local reputation management and  digital marketing. Think about it this way, if you were searching for a new service or product and you saw companies with a 3 or 4 star review and then you saw another with a 5 star reputation, is there any question about who you contact? You can do all the online marketing or advertising possible, however if you haven’t had the proper reputation marketing done it really doesn’t matter. There is nothing more important today for any local business owner than making sure they get a 5 star reputation across the web. There’s truly only one way to accomplish that and that is to find the best local reputation marketing company. We think that is Team Digital Marketing and we will prove it. Call us today at 888-792-0104 or locally in Charlotte NC at 704-729-7100 or 888-792-0104. We will ensure your 5 star reputation online with our expert reputation management strategies.