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What Is Local Reputation Marketing & What Is Its Relation With Online Reviews?

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Most local business owners spend years to build their business. They invest their tears, time, and sweat into it. However, all of a sudden they discover that new customers are abruptly vanishing, and they cannot understand why. They then realize that a distorted perception of the reality of their business is being presented by their online reputation, which is damaging their business. This is why developing a topnotch online reputation through reputation marketing should be their number one priority.

The ultimate goal of marketing efforts – whether offline like direct mail, magazines, radio, or television, or online like PPC, SEO, social media – is to lead customers to learn more about the local business online. If the reputation of the local business does not exist or is less than 5 star, customers are driven away. Some local business owners do not realize that helpful information is what consumers want so they may confidently make the best, well-informed purchase. These days, online consumer reviews that reflect the experiences of existing customers tend to deliver that confidence.

What Is Reputation Marketing?

Basically, reputation marketing refers to the process that is used by local business owners, individuals, and organizations to grow their customer base while increasing bottom line profits. Some local business owners are confused about what is reputation marketing and how is it different from reputation management. The simple explanation is local reputation marketing is a proactive way to brand your business, increase your local customer base while driving up profits. Reputation marketing through it’s many efforts and techniques will prevent issues with bad reviews online. Reputation management by default indicates that the company already has bad reviews or a bad reputation. By choosing the best local reputation marketing company you effectively eliminate problem revReputation Marketingiews that then have to be managed.

As a local business, you need to know that yes local online marketing, local SEO (search engine optimization), video marketing is effective. However if your online reputation sucks, you are essentially wasting your money. It doesn’t require a local marketing genius to figure out that if a consumer or potential customer sees 2 websites, one with a 3.5 to 4 star review and another with a 5 star review who they are going to choose.
The first step of implementing a reputation marketing program is ensuring that positive things are being said about your local business, its products and services by customers and prospects. Before business owners tell customers and prospects how great their business is, they should first take their business to that level. In other words, the experience a business promises to deliver should be delivered 100% of the time. The only effective way to ensure a 5 star online reputation is to work with a reputation marketing agency like

What Is Relation Between Local Reputation Marketing & Local Reviews?

All that a local business needs is to get a couple of positive reviews on Google+ or Yelp, so a wide-ranging online review management is recommended. Before savvy shoppers make a buying decision, they usually look at 6 to 10 reviews. According to a recent study, online reviews are trusted among 70% of offline and online shoppers, second just to personal recommendation.

How To Incorporate Reviews Into An Extensive Reputation Marketing Strategy?

It is arguable that building a positive local reputation and getting positive reviews is the most crucial marketing strategy for local businesses in 2014 and beyond. However, in order to succeed, businesses should not stop there. Social media marketing with Facebook and Google+ combined with local online marketing are important factors in growing your local business as well.

If your business is serving multiple cities from just one location you should use reviews as a building block in your local reputation marketing strategy. In that strategy, SEO should be employed to ensure that the website of the company ranks near the top in every city they serve. Luckily, the relationship between an authoritative website, a strong review presence, and well-optimized local pages is quite positive and synergistic.

5 Star RepurationMobile Marketing Strategy

Considering that the dominance displayed by mobile devices in local purchasing, business owners should make efforts not only increase the ranking of their website, but also make it mobile friendly also known as responsive as well. Any friction that exists between the need of the customers and their ability to contact a business should be removed. No local business should ever be without a solid mobile marketing strategy.

Local reputation marketing services from Team Digital Marketing are available nationwide to assist local businesses in improving their brand and online reputation using marketing strategies and techniques so they may overcome the challenges we have discussed above.

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