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Online Marketing for Local Business – Why You Need Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is the perfect online marketing strategy for your local business
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Local Online Search Engine Marketing

If you have a local business you must be thinking that since your business already attracts a decent amount of traffic from your offline marketing ventures (print advertisements, word of mouth and the local even sponsorships etc.), you might think you don’t need to hire a search engine marketing company to promote your business online! That’s where many people get wrong. The bottom line profit margins on similar size local small businesses are much higher when they use online marketing strategies as compared to like companies that don’t do any marketing online.

If you have an offline business you still need the services of a search engine marketing company if you want to survive in the long run. How? Let’s find out.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

No matter what kind of business you are in, you need to have an online presence and we are going to discuss the reasons right away, but before that you need to have a clear understanding of what exactly search engine marketing is. SEM has actually developed into a science of sorts over the last couple of years and to put it simply, search engine marketing is something that can make your business look credible online, can establish your brand online and most important of all, can get you more customers – both online and offline. In short, SEM can help you make more profits out of your existing infrastructure.

Why do you need SEM?

It doesn’t matter if your business is online or offline, you simply can’t afford to not do search engine marketing for your business (even if you’re content with existing profit levels)! Yes, even if you don’t want to increase your profits, you need robust internet marketing campaigns just to remain in business! Local lead generation is the life blood especially for growth in local business.

Here’s why. Thanks to the Internet, every customer today (irrespective of niche) is being bombarded with multiple offers from different business owners every day and the customer is actually left confused for choice. Over a period of time, this has changed the outlook of customers globally. No longer do customers just go out and buy stuff they need from the closest dealer available – they always, without fail make it a point to look up Google for the reputation, the product line, the prices, the location and special offers etc. pertaining to a particular dealer before making a buying decision.

This applies to your competitors as well. Like it or not, Google and other search engines are hell-bent on preventing people from making wrong buying decisions – no matter they decide to buy online or offline!

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Let’s look into an example here. Say you are in the restaurant business and you offer the best sushi in town. Even just a couple of years back, the goodwill of your business was enough to draw traffic to you. Now, if a customer wants to eat sushi, he would do a local Google search (more out of habit than intention) on his mobile device and Google would present him with a bunch of listings to choose from. If your business is not featured there, the customer won’t even know about you and might just choose to eat out at your competitors place just because he is offering free parking! A good online marketing company will ensure that new customers find you first.

The truth is people no longer have to rely on hearsay to make buying decisions – Google is a customer’s best friend and if you are not in the good books of the big G, you simply don’t exist for the customer!

Why a Search Engine Marketing Company?

A good ranking on Google is what everyone is striving for. Businesses are spending millions of dollars just for that and frankly it’s one of the toughest things to achieve if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. Your best bet is to hire a reputable search engine marketing company that can help you set realistic expectations and stick your business on the first page of Google. Unless you are an SEM expert, don’t make the mistake of trying to rank your business online all by yourself – you might even end up losing your “goodwill” (your competitors can arrange for that)!  Call Team Digital Marketing today, we get results!  888-792-0104 or 704-729-7100.