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Focuses on getting good rankings in your local area
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Local internet marketing focuses on getting good rankings in your local area. Just like with regular SEO, there are on page and off page factors. The off page factors, in particular, are different, but just like regular SEO, the better your on page and off page optimization, the better your rankings will be.

For local internet marketing, the focus is usually on getting rankings for business directories. Google Places is the biggest business directory and usually gets the best rankings, but there are many other directories out there. The important thing is to understand that the factors we will discuss here are going to improve your business directory pages and may not necessarily improve the rankings of your main website. All of these directories will send people to your website and your physical store, though, so they are just as important as or even more important than your main business website in terms of local lead generation.

Here are some of the best online marketing strategies that will help you better your local listings

On Page Optimization Factors

The on page optimization factors for local internet marketing are very similar to the general on page SEO factors. The one big difference with on page optimization for business directories is that you have a limited amount of space to put content in. This means you have to be concise. You are able to add things like a business description and categories of service.You may also be able to add pictures, videos, and products you sell. It is important to fill in your listing as completely as possible because many directories give better rankings to listings that are completely filled out and have lots of pictures and/or videos. This translates into better local lead generation.

Internet MarketingOff Page Optimization Factors

The off page optimization factors for local internet marketing in general, and Google Places specifically, are quite a bit different than with traditional SEO. Just like with regular SEO, popularity is important, but the way popularity appears to be measured is different. Instead of links to your website, the local directory popularity appears to be based on the number of times your business name, address, and phone number appears on the internet. This means you need to make sure your business is mentioned in as many places as possible (this is sometimes referred to as citations). In local internet marketing, what other people say about you is also very important. This is kind of like the anchor text in traditional SEO. The way people say things about your business and your business listing is through customer reviews. In many, many examples, the listing with the most reviews gets the top listing. The top listing is clicked on the most often which can translate to getting more customers and making more money for local small business.


Citations serve as backlinks for local internet marketing. The search engines like Google see citations as a company’s listing on a website. Ideally, the contact information you have on your website should match with the listings you have on websites like Yelp, CitySearch and Internet Yellow Pages. The major search engines see these listings as affirmation and as votes on your company. This will help improve search results of a local small business.

Customer Reviews and Check-In Sites

Location based check-in and review services, such as Yelp, Foursquare and Gowalla are becoming increasingly popular with consumers around the world. Fortunately, these sites are also business friendly, making it easy for business owners to engage with these sites’ users. These sites should not be ignored as with the new Google Places results. Customer reviews are displayed more prominently than ever before and in many cases are affecting rankings in the Places results. Further, Google displays reviews whether they are good or bad so it is important for a business owner to take advantage of this evolving space and engage with its customer.

Importance of Follow Up in Local Internet Marketing

There are three main ways to follow up with customers. You can gather their phone number and call them back at some point in the future and see if they need anything you can offer them. You can gather their physical address and send them sales flyers, coupons, or other forms of advertising. You can also get their email address and send them emails on a regular basis. Regardless of the method you choose, you need to make sure you are offering them something of value when you follow up and don’t annoy them by contacting them too often.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can convince people that it is in their best interest to let you keep in touch with them. Just make sure you focus your efforts on providing real value to your customers. If you do that, there shouldn’t be any reason that you don’t get more customers using local online marketing strategies. is your best choice for small business when it comes to internet marketing. Call us today at 888-792-0104 or 704-729-7100.